2011 is a Year of Connection


2011 is a year of connection.

The walls are coming down in one way or another. They are coming down in businesses, relationships, economies, health and science.

For some it will be tough times. Let’s talk about the economy. The slow down in the economy is far from over. It has only just begun. However, this is not the case for everyone. For some it will be a time of prosperity. So what will make the difference?

The difference will be in letting go of everything that you are accustomed to and allowing new systems to form and come into place. It’s not enough to follow the crowd anymore.

You are learning to follow the flow of your intuition.

Do you see how things are moving at lightening speeds?

Once you receive an intuitive hunch or a gut feeling, you need to take action or you’ll miss the opportunity. It is time to learn to trust, trust others and trust yourselves.

Everything that is occurring is for your rapid growth.

You need to read the energy, to see beyond what’s on the surface to take the appropriate action to manifest what you desire to achieve your goals.

The walls of secrecy and illusion are coming down to reveal transparency.

Fears are being brought to the surface to see the truth behind the cause of your fears. You see ignoring your fears actually strengthens them and gives more energy and power to them. By bringing them out in the open allows you to face them and realize that it has been you all along that has created your fears and you can eliminate them. It can’t be done until they have been brought out into the open. This is on all levels, from your personal relationships with others, your relationship with yourself, with families, governments, your economy, security and just about everything will come up for you to reassess.

Each of you will have different things to deal with based on your current belief systems.

We’re creating a whole new way of living. In order for this to come about, you must become consciously aware of your choices and why you make them, what you make your decisions on, so you can make conscious choices not from a limited viewpoint, but one from your soul, one that benefits the collective, one that benefits the whole.

Whatever you are called to look at that raises some form of indignation or passion about, take some action to bring change. Remember though, it is not for everyone to do something about everything.

Only where you feel personally from within to do something, that it is for you as personal growth. Do not enforce something on others, as it may not be in their purpose to take action. You will each find your purpose and niche from what you feel within called to do.

Let go of guilt. If you do something out of guilt, then this is not your purpose but to get to the bottom of why you feel guilty.

It is no more doing things from a place of fear but from a place of inspiration and passion.

This is the direction you are moving to and what you will be experiencing in many different ways in the coming year.

Start paying attention to the messages you are receiving. Start listening from within. You are not alone. Everyone is going through the same process, so reach out and ask for help. The universe, guides and your soul are here to help you.

You are still directing the boat. Start opening up to receive help. Let go of your ego of how things are to manifest.

Be flexible and you will allow miracles to happen. Know that this is a process and no matter what happens all will be all right again.

I suggest that you meditate or take time to quiet your mind each day. Go out into nature if you can. If not, go in meditation to a place you feel at peace. If you need help then get the help you need. You can always find what you need if you open to this. If you don’t, then ask yourself why am I blocking what I desire? If you lack money, money isn’t the problem. It is the lesson of what you believe that you are creating.

Leah is one of our vehicles to assist you on this journey of becoming free and clear to manifest your full potential and power. Use her to help guide you and give you back your own power. You will find the help that you require. Call on me and I will bring you what you require to succeed.

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  1. Iwan
    12 years ago

    Thank you Leah

  2. Dr. Joy Pedersen
    12 years ago

    Very clear message consistent with the messages I have been receiving. Thank you for sharing.

  3. Kayla W
    12 years ago

    Thank you very much, Your words resignate with my soul, this year I know is a time for great change, I am on a path for knowing that change and searching for the direction to do so, god has much more beaitiful things in store or me than I have been letting myself recieve. Fear, anger, frustration and disconnection with my path had driven my car in life much to long, I pray seek control Thank you again for your words:)

  4. Steve Lewis
    12 years ago

    Hi Leah,

    Yes, this is a year of changes and new things for me and my family as well. We are more used to what is happening now and are just going with the flow. We’ll see what this new year brings. I hope lots of good things for everyone.

    Happy New Year!

    -Steve Lewis

  5. Randi
    12 years ago

    Thanks Leah : ) Totally with ya! Blessings. MWAH!

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