2016 Election Unity

Message from Malkezedek

The journey of this election began way before two years ago. It is a culmination of frustration, desire for change, freedom, prosperity, equality, and the pursuit of happiness. This was the basis that the United States of America was built on and the intention put forward. It also came with great struggle and fighting to achieve that freedom. While the founding fathers who achieved the foundation of this great nation they did so with great bloodshed and differences of perspectives and desires.

This election brought to the forefront with the help of the media and the internet the momentum of pain and suffering of the misunderstood, the separation, not being heard, having no power and lack of freedom.

There are two forces operating that each of you tap into and allow to guide and dictate your thoughts, experiences and choices. These two forces are fear and love. There are many of you consciously desiring and choosing to change this never ending battle to rise above being victims and to truly be free.

What you must understand first is that whether your choice of candidate for president won or lost you must see what you created with your collective desires. The Law of Attraction draws to you whatever you focus on. Those of you who didn’t want Donald Trump put more focus on NOT wanting him and fearing him winning than focusing on what you were going to achieve with Hillary Clinton as president. It is the same in every area of your life. You may desire freedom, prosperity, love and joy but you spend the majority of your time focused on the opposite and so that is what you create.

It truly does not matter who is the president of your country or in government toward creating a life with love, joy, freedom and well-being. You can have that no matter what your circumstances. As long as you put your power outside of yourself into giving you these things then you will forever be a victim to a life without freedom and subject to fear.

The power of your life lies with you. The source of your power is with your soul and your creator. As President Obama said, the election is over and the sun still rose.

It is up to you to decide to love unconditionally. I love you unconditionally even though you accept less for yourselves than I would give to you. I love you unconditionally even though you cut yourselves off from receiving the joy, abundance and inspiration to live a life to its fullest by choosing to focus on fear and lack.

Your life is full of endless possibilities. I ask you to see your life and your world from my perspective. When people are angry, bullying others, frustrated, sad, be the light by recognizing the spiritual being that you and they are. Remember that you are an extension of source with all the support that you desire. What you manifest is whatever you focus on, you will tap into and create. What you experience is just a reflection of what you are focusing on. You can shift your experience immediately by choosing what you desire to experience. Then the universe will support your choice always.

So now the election is over. You can choose to continue to be angry or celebrate the change and to be part of that change by choosing how you will participate in creating your life and in doing so impact everyone around you.

You are more powerful than you give yourself credit. Choose to unite, give love, support and strength to your leaders to collaborate in ways to empower your nation and people to not only be a nation of greatness but an example to the world.

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