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To Your Inner Power


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    "Wow! I had a totally awesome experience.  I actually
    learned the name of my spirit guide and I had a
    problem that had been with me all my life and Leah
    worked with me and brought it out and I feel like a
    burden has been lifted from me.  I really am amazed
    and I have been to a lot of workshops.  
    Brenda, RN
Leah Levkowitz is a spiritual teacher, psychic, healer and channel of God, angelic beings and ascended
masters and is dedicated to bringing their guidance to assist in the highest benefit of all mankind.

It was through her desire for a direct connection to God that opened the doors to reveal all of her gifts.

Her soul's purpose and mission is to be a master of unconditional love and teach others to communicate
and heal with their own spirit guides and God so that they can Take Back their Power and fulfill their soul's

Get these 6 Interactive Audio classes packed with everything you need to know to start connecting and
communicating with your guides and using your intuitive abilities.  Powerful meditations and handouts will
assist you to start clearing and awakening to your inner power of who you truly are.

Leah will teach you how to go directly to the source of your answers, bypassing the need to rely on another.

Receive the greatest gift of all, a direct personal relationship with your spiritual guidance that will change
your life forever.

    "I felt that my experience was that she connected with my inner soul.  
    Very Powerful and higher levels of the core of your inner self.  Highly
    recommend experiencing this with Leah."
Are you looking for your purpose in life?

Do you want understanding why things are or aren't happening?

Are you doing the best you can, but it's not enough?

Are you looking for love, but haven't found it yet?

Do you want to live life with passion, health and prosperity?

Take Back Your Power!

The answers to all your questions lie right within you.  You have
access to all the guidance, wisdom and understanding to live a
fulfilling life and achieve your soul's purpose.

Don't give your power away.  You are good enough and you deserve
the truth.  How long will  you wait to become the powerful spirit that
you are?

Get Connected
To Your Inner Power
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The Awakening To Your Inner Power- 6 Live Tele-Class Series will open your intuitive abilities and
connect you to your spirit guides to start the journey to Living As Your Soul and fulfilling your Soul's purpose.
Thursday, October 7, 2010 at 6:00pm PST. Register below for the Series or individually for each class.
Dates below.
Use the link at the bottom of the page to download the complete Audio Course to get started.

Includes the following 6 Tele-classes:

    #1 - You Are Psychic - Open Your Intuition
           - Learn to use your inner seeing, hearing, feeling & knowing
           - Learn how to read others
           - Understand how to access all information
           - Learn how to distinguish between your energy and others and more

    #2 - Spirit Communication
                  - Imagine having a devoted friend by your side 24/7, totally in service to you
    and you are unaware of this great gift. Imagine how wonderful to connect
    with this friend that so much wants to help you to achieve your greatest potential.        
            - You will connect with at least one of your spirit guides
            - Learn how to access guides, Angels and God for all wisdom and guidance
            - Be guided in a powerful meditation to communicate with your guides
           One students experience in this class.

    #3 - Creating with Spirit
          - You will learn how to create experiences using energy and working with your guides.
                - Learn how to shift energy and change your reality
            - Learn how to clear energy of objects and places
            - Spirit will take you on a guided journey to create your soul's true potential
            - Join us in discovering your unlimited power to create with spirit.

          One person's experience in this class.
    "HI Leah, I walked down the path which I saw quite clearly, forest, stream and all. I was
    met by "TOM", short for something harder to pronounce, an elderly native american.
    He showed me a crowd of people, some past over, some not, who I had worked with
    as clients in massage. He told me "they were there to let me know I had been effective,
    touched them, been a conduit of healing for them, valuable to them; so I would trust
    and believe I am/was doing God's work and I am making a difference. I feel brimming
    with tears of gratitude and humility.  "Oh me of little faith."   Leah I see my self doubt
    is the work of my ego and limiting belief system. This was awe-some. Thank you." Karen

    #4 - Healing with Spirit
          - Learn how to be guided by spirit to access unconscious limiting beliefs,
            heal and shift them to new empowered beliefs
          - Receive direct healing energy from spirit and God
          - Discover how to heal physical pain and restriction in your body
          - Learn how to work with spirit to heal yourself and others
                - Be guided in meditation to clear one of your limiting beliefs and create
              new empowering ones and more
            One person's experience in this class.

    #5 - Become a Spiritual Channel
           Learn how to consciously channel a spirit directly through you to
           give guidance and wisdom for you and others. Learn how to
           get out of the way to allow unfiltered spiritual wisdom to come through.

    One person's experience in this class.  
    New worlds opening up. I didn't think voice channeling would be so easy and natural.
    I also didn't think (or was nervous that) I wouldn't believe it if happened to me, but I
    do.....I got bodily confirmation of the shift when spirit was present. It was reliable and
    information/imagery came with it that was inspiring and enlightening. I'm looking forward
    to working with these practices more in the future. Valerie

    #6 - Living As Your Soul - Finding Your Soul's Purpose
          -  In this class you will learn how to transcend living from your ego
             to living aligned with your soul's purpose.
                - You will go on the most powerful journey to connect with the essence
              of your soul, your higher self. This will expand you into the vibration
              of your soul to discover your soul's purpose.
            - When you connect with your soul, life's problems just disappear.

You will also receive:

  • 6 mp3 downloadable recordings of each class.
  • 20 pages of handouts
  • exercises and meditations to help you develop your intuitive abilities and communicate with spirit, clear
    limiting beliefs and connect with your higher self, your soul.

    "Leah is a great teacher and it's easy to see that I'm in the right place at
    the right time. I look forward to future classes and much more. I left the
    meeting with a feeling of elation and I'm still soaring 24 hours! Thank
    you Leah. Thank you Spirit, Thanks God!"

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